The Decade of Change

Starting the Age of
Human Transformation
through Technology

As technological innovations reach new heights, permeating every aspect of daily life, a deeper dialogue is taking place among brands, citizens and consumers alike.

With more insight than ever into the ways in which technology can enhance, beautify, simplify – and complicate – our lives, our collective conversation turns future-forward. The various elements that have become so essential to so many of us – connectivity, interactivity, a curated customer experience – will amplify even further. New questions will arise around privacy, data and surveillance. Smart cities will redefine the distinctions between body, space and mind.

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13 Take-Aways


Voice-first applications will grow at a rapidscale, and open up new opportunities for a wide range of industries such as retail, commerce, healthcare, education, and more. Scale in usage will come as more devices get connected, including non-computer objects.


The new face of retail- data that will lead to increased personalisation will also be the fuel for artificial intelligence systems that will allow for preemptive shipping and stock that is more responsive to consumer trends. Focused personalisation powered by AI or data driven pop-ups will increase consumer interactivity and engagement.


Data collection should become even more transparent and understandable for the consumer. Whilst brands need to communicate transparently what they are tracking, people also need to know what they are getting by providing their data.


Automation, integration and personalisation become a greater need, presenting an opportunity for brands new talents in the fields of data collection and cybersecurity.


The exchange value and consumer-facing benefit that arises from data collection becomes more evident, as brands then leverage this information to feed into their customer insights and marketing activities. This way consumers will have a more personalised offering of products and services.


The unavoidable progress of a ‘smart’ and connected world, led by the development of IoT and AI will grow beyond home automation and towards creating fully smart cities.


The 5G impact on advertising will create more content at a faster speed and a lot more traffic.


Human Augmentation will irresistibly become our new lifestyle enabling us to advance and protect ourselves by technological enhancement.


Human and Machine working closer together in the health field with AI predictive analytics and connected care. Doctors will be able to predict and prevent issues from hereditary to chronic illness.


There will be a great importance placed on Diversity an dInclusion, therefore promoting creative solutions to insure products are usable by everyone and anyone. Better inclusive and assistive technology in schools are a growing need.


The real and the virtual world will become deeply intertwined through the use of augmented reality. Mixed reality will be the natural successor to devices with a screen.


Augmented & mixed reality gaming is taking over people’s homes with unprecedented product immersion, or hijacking competitors in their own physical space - AR gaming is set to be a playground for creativity, a digital wild west for mischief and a space for innovation in new and unforeseen ways.


In the next couple of years the collision of consumer VR via shared spaces entertainment, and  streaming will come together. YouTube normal video will no longer be enough for fans who want new ways to interact with digital characters or idols.


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In this report, we’ll examine the top tech trends for the coming decade, breaking up the 10 years ahead into three core categories – 2021-2022, 2022-2025 and 2026-2030 – for a deep dive into the stages of change.

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